How I Met Your Barney

This is my third post today from work, it’s one of those days.  But now its better because I get to talk about a show I love.  How I Met Your Mother…  now the show is definetly in its final few seasons, but to me it is one of the best written sit-coms in TV history.  There is rarely a continuity error, infact they still bring back tidbits from the early seasons today.

Now the shows main hook is “Who is Teds wife?”  Simple enough, and since we are supposed to meet her at Barney and Robin’s wedding, which I assume is the end of this season, show over right?


First of all, the show’s been renewed for season 9.  Second of all, the show just isn’t about Ted’s wife anymore.  Think about it, the last two seasons have all been about Barney and Robin getting together… Ted was almost a minor character.  After we meet the mother, Ted still has to court her. Hell the show could keep going up until they are married. It doesn’t need to end just because the title is “How I MET your mother.” Frankly NPH steals the show away as Barney anyway.  Even though he is in a relationship, his character has the best antics and scenes.

Now back to the writers. One of the many fan theorys on “who is the mother” was debunked in the last 2 episodes.  Mainly the last one “Ring Up”.  And call me crazy, I think they did it because it was a huge fan theory. The theory I’m talking about was that Barney’s half sister was the mother.

Think about it, what we knew about the mother before “Band or DJ” was she was in Ted’s college class, she’s at Barneys wedding. What did we know about Barney’s half sister. She’s away at college, and she will probably be at Barney’s wedding.  Plus it would add a new aspect to “Uncle Barney and Aunt Robin.” 

However at the end of Band or DJ, we find out the Mother is the Bass player for the band at the wedding, and in Ring Up Ted bangs a 20year old who turns out to be Barney’s sister… Effectivly ruling her out.  This leaves everyone at square 1 about the mother.

~written by JM

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Law and Order: Stabler’s Vacating is Uneffective

Yeah so that’s probably my worst pun as of yet, but it stands true.  After the end of Season 11, Christopher Meloni left SVU taking our favorite ex-marine, Detective character Elliot Stabler with him.

Now I for one was skeptical that the show could continue with its cult following after losing one of it’s main characters.  Stabler was my favorite character on the show, Ex-Military, three kids, family issue’s yet he still finds the strength to go and deal with sex offenders, who are in my opinion the worst human beings in the world, everyday.  Yes he has flaws, he’s been known to commit borderline police brutality, or even blatant brutality, but that doesn’t matter because I think every viewer understands.

However on New Year’s day when I was off from work, I had the pleasure of watching a Law and Order SVU marathon.  Every episode was in the PS (Post-Stabler) Era.  And I have to say, they didn’t miss a beat.  Mariska Hargitay’s portrayal of Olivia Benson is just as astounding as it always was, and she’s even taken on a bigger role.  Ice-T’s Detective Odafin Tutuola also seemed to take on a slightly larger role.  But the biggest surprise to me was the addition of Kelli Giddish and Danny Pino.

Giddish plays Detective Amanda Rollins, Fin’s new partner.  It seem’s Munch has been promoted to more of a supervisory role with his promotion to Sergeant in season 9.  She’s a transfer detective from Atlanta who moved to NYC. Her character has some family issue’s but she’s a very anxious and active detective.  Often getting ahead of herself against Cragen’s advice.

Pino plays Detective Nick Amaro, Olivia Benson’s new partner.  He’s a transfer from the Narcotics unit in NYC.  He’s married to a woman who’s deployed in Iraq.  His father used to  physically abuse his mother, and he has a huge distrust in relationships, which personally affects his marriage.  He seems to have trouble adjusting to the kind’s of perp’s he’s dealing with, wanting to physically assault suspects but he’s able to control himself so that the arrest stands up.

Frankly the show still has its charm, its intrigue, and the classic SVU twists.  I wish Stabler never left, but Dick Wolf found a way to make one of my favorite shows stay just as good as it used to be despite losing its main character.

~Written by JM

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Dragonball Z Kai-rap

Hi TV fans, JM here, I wrote on the Video Game section that I’d like to start up the TV show section, so since “D” has decided to let me do whatever I want, Here I am… (His mistake, I’ll run this collaboration into the ground)

Anywho last night I was flipping through channels and scrolled past the Nicktoons Network and saw Dragonball Z Kai, I had known what this show was about and was a little intrigued, but I had DBZ on complete DVD set since college.  For those of you that don’t know, DBZ Kai is DBZ remastered with new voices minus the filler.  Not a bad idea honestly, I loved DBZ.

It was crap…

Anywho I wound up watching a marathon of it last night because I couldn’t sleep and I had two questions I was asking myself. My first question was, did Nicktoons editing to make it kid friendly make it suck or does DBZ Kai just sucks.  And my second question was Am I watching DBZ Kai because I can’t sleep, or can I not sleep because I just watched DBZ Kai…

Now the second one we will never know the answer too, however the first one I’d have to do research on…  My beefs with it were the same beefs everyone has with remastered tv shows.  The voices and lines weren’t the same, scenes were cut out, scenes were reordered, nothing just stood up to the original.  And even though I didn’t expect it to, it still let me down even further.  I know they cut out filler, but it took 6 episodes from when Cell found Android 17 and 18 with Piccolo to when he became Perfect vs Vegeta, where as in the original Anime it took more than twice as many episodes.  It wasn’t just filler that was cut out battles were shortened, plot elements removed, it was just crap.

Now if you’ve never watched DBZ before, you might like Kai… If you are a DBZ fan don’t waste your time.  If your jonesing for a DBZ fix until the new movie comes out in March (Yes that’s happening) Go on Youtube and look for Team Four Star’s Dragonball Z Abridged… Its a short parody and frankly its accurate and hilarious.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @DnASportsMovies and await for more to come

~Written by JM

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DnA Sports and Movies

Post Written Before Super Bowl; Not about a Movie but it’s about life after football ends.

Guest Blogger C.M.M.

It’s been an exciting season for football fans across the nation. Today is one of the most anticipated Sundays of all, no matter who your team is. But after tonight’s game, Football Season is over. What is there to look forward to on Sunday nights? A couple of years ago the answer was simple… sleep. But as many people realized the past two years there is something to breathe life into Sunday nights again, something to bring Sunday nights back to life for millions of viewers. Thanks to the Walking Dead, life after football won’t seem like the end of days any more.

Now regardless of the negative criticism the first half of season two has received, The Walking Dead is still one of the best shows on TV, as well as one…

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Jersey Shore; Simpletons of America

The popularity of the Jersey Shore truly is a wonder. A half-dozen “guido” or “guidettes” who are not that young anymore, go out, get drunk, and hook up. This is what’s popular. I have to admit, I found the show funny originally, but it just became painfully stupid to watch. The fact that “The Situation” is a multi-millionaire for being an idiot, confounds me.

I am not a fan of reality TV in general. This however is the bottom of the barrel as far as I am concerned. (Maybe an unfair statement because of shows like “The Bachelor”). If watching people get drunk, and act completely asinine is the new “in,” I would like to remain out.

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Depends on What the Meaning of the Word 'Blog' is

Ah, the alluring, lastnameless Penny. The Big Bang Theory’s yin to Leonard’s yang. We were perfectly willing to suspend our disbelief enough to go along with the inevitability that she would date Leonard. The producers pretty much hit us over the head with this idea from the first conversation Leonard had with Penny.

And why not? He’s a nice guy, makes a good living, is very kind and always willing to put himself out there and pretty much do anything for Penny. He’s exactly the kind of guy the viewers would root for to get the girl.

As for Penny, let’s face it, she’s:

  • Kind of a tramp:  According to Sheldon and Amy Farah Fowler’s calculations, she’s slept with at least 31 different men since she moved in.
  • Kind of a drunk: She’s frequently drinking by herself, and has been shown on multiple occasions relying on drinking when things are tough.
  • She takes…

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30 Rock

30 Rock fans had to wait a longtime for the 6th season to begin this January. So far it has been worth the wait. After two somewhat disappointing seasons, it is good to see the show off to a fast start here in Season 6.

Although Season 4 had some good episodes, it was a bit uneven overall and did not match the quality viewers had come to expect after the first three Emmy Award winning seasons. The show rebounded in its 5th season, but also suffered at times due to the unexpected absence of Tracy Morgan. Morgan underwent a kidney transplant on December 2010, and would miss or have reduced roles in several episodes of the series while recovering.

I found theepisode “The Ballad of Kenneth Parcell” to be very entertaining. It explores the relationship between Liz and Jenna, and explains why Liz is willing to put up with such poor treatment by her supposed best friend. The episode also seems to be the start of a storyline in which Kenneth finally leaves the Page program. I look forward to what the rest of this season has in store, and inparticular how Kenneth’s employment status develops.

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